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The Small Commercial Vessel Code (SCV) - mgn 280, for vessels up to 24m & carrying up to 12 passengers can be accessed on the MCA website - Required skippers' qualifications are as follows -






Yachtmaster Ocean


to 150m from safe haven

Yachtmaster Offshore


to 60m from safe haven

Yachtmaster Offshore


to 20m from safe haven

Yachtmaster Coastal or Advanced Powerboat with 2 years experience


as 3 in daylight & fair weather

Yachtmaster Coastal or Advanced Powerboat with 1 year experience


20m from nominated port in daylight & fair weather

Day Skipper practical & theory courses


3m from nominated port

Day Skipper practical course or Level 2

For Yachtmaster Offshore & Coastal & Adv Powerboat examination, a radio operators licence & an in date basic 1st Aid course cert are required.
The following qualifying experience in the last 10 years is also required –

Advanced Powerboat Certificate -  at  least  2  years relevant experience with  night   pilotage.   As a guide – 30 days, 2 days as skipper, 800 miles, 12 night hours
Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate -  at  least  30 days,  2  as skipper,  800 miles, 12 night  hours    - reducing If a  practical course has been completed

Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate -    50 days,     5 as skipper,     2500 miles,
5 passages over 60 miles including 2 overnight and 2 as skipper.

For a commercial endorsement,  a Sea Survival , on-line PPR, and a ML5 or Eng1 medical certs are required.  The PPR can be provided by Coastwise.

The practical exam would expect to take aprox 6 hours.

If necessary, Coastwise’s shore based and practical courses cover all aspects of the syllabus required to gain certification. Attending Day Skipper shore based & practical courses can get a less experienced skipper a cert for cat 5 waters without having to take an examination. 

Experienced candidates may find they need some theory input to get them up to the required level. An alternative to the 5 day shore based course or some personal tuition, may be to complete a distance learning  course. Coastwise offers a fully supported 9 unit course at £150, but it is not a RYA course.

Prep for <200gt MCA oral exam -
5 day courses are offered for those with all or most of the pre-exam certs –
- Yachtmaser Offshore Cert of Comp
- Yachtmaster Shorbased (unless YM CoC was gained before 31.7.2003)
- Human Element, Leadership & Management - HELM (o),  3 day course
- Radio ROC or GOC operators cert
- STCW 95 fire fighting, PSSR, 1st Aid & Sea Survival certs

The full syllabus is shown in MSN 1802 annex G.

Contact Coastwise for any further information.










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